Become our VIP retailer-reseller

We invite the best vape stores, estancos and other retailers in Spain to join our TRIAL SALES PROGRAM FOR UPENDS UPBAR RS – THE ABSOLUTE DISPOSABLE ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE FOR SOCCER LOVERS … AND NOT ONLY.

We will deliver the trial order to your store’s door with free transport (for the retailers only) and you will pay later only for the pieces what you have sold. Absolutely no risk! Opportunity to earn good profit!

We offer marketing support.

We invite also Spanish wholesalers to become our resellers.

We do not practice retail sales, we are B2B wholesaler and sell only to the best well-selected Spanish companies.

To receive our wholesale price offer and the conditions of our trial sales program please kindly contact us either via email or send a message via WhatsApp +372 5056055 or on our Facebook page

Flavors in stock:
BLUE RASPBERRY (EC-ID 01386-22-10014)
PASSION FRUIT (EC-ID 01386-22-10012)
APPLE ICE (EC-ID 01386-22-10013)
WATERMELON BREEZE (EC-ID 01386-22-10015)
MANGO ICE (EC-ID 01386-22-10007)
ICE MINT (EC-ID 01386-22-10016)
TOBACCO (EC-ID 01386-22-10017)
BANANA ICE (EC-ID 01386-22-10018)
COLA ICE (EC-ID 01386-22-10010)