About us and our retailers

We are Absolute Vapes SL and we import, distribute and wholesale in Spain the absolutely best disposable electronic cigarettes for football lovers… and not only for football lovers – a special football edition of UPENDS UPBAR RS.

UPENDS is a very successful sub-brand of ALD Group Limited, the leading vaping hardware solutions provider, world famous for high quality and innovation. All our electronic cigarettes are manufactured by ALD Group Limited.

We love soccer and we love healthy lifestyle. The science is still evolving, but evidence suggests that e-cigarette use can help adults quit smoking. Although e-cigarettes are relatively new and their long-term effects are being studied, researchers have already determined that switching to e-cigarettes entirely is less harmful than continuing to smoke tobacco. Talk to your doctor, pharmacist, or smoking cessation coach to help you on your path to a smoke- and nicotine-free life. Quit smoking tobacco, take care of your health and that of your loved ones! And remember, it’s not okay to smell like an ashtray (e-cigarettes don’t smell bad)!

We invite the best vape stores, estancos and other retailers in Spain to join our trial sales program.